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Organized Indoor PickUp Basketball - $10.00 | 2 Hours | 15 PLAYERS

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Organized pickup basketball.

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Hear us out.

Anyone who calls themself a hooper has at some point or another grabbed their basketball, laced up their shoes, and headed to the nearest court only to find it empty.  

Such a disappointment.

Unfortunately, pickup basketball is full of disappointments. It’s Hoop Club's mission to change that forever.

Here’s how:

In traditional pickup…

Gyms can be so packed full of players that you wait 30 minutes to an hour just for a chance to get on the court. What’s worse, if you lose, that waiting starts all over again.

In Hoop Club…

Sessions are capped at 15 players, so you’ll never wait more than 10 minutes. In fact, if games end sooner, you’ll be waiting even less.

In traditional pickup…

There are arguments over everything. Who's got next? What’s the score? And so on.

In Hoop Club…

There are five or less people waiting to play, so you know who's got next. What’s the score? No problem. Every Hoop Club session includes a professional facilitator who not only keeps the score, but also KEEPS THE PEACE. Arguments & alterations are not part of Hoop Club.

In traditional pick-up…

Teams and talent can both be problems. Ever played pickup where a superteam gets together and runs the court the entire session? We all have. Not only that, but one of the greatest frustrations of traditional pickup is you never know what you’re going to get. You could be playing ex-college or former NBA players, or far worse, someone who doesn’t even know the rules of basketball.  

In Hoop Club…

Any team who wins more than 3 consecutive games is split up in order to level the playing field. Furthermore, we offer sessions by skill, so you can play at a level that best matches what you’re trying to get out of the session.   

More about Hoop Club

To keep the culture of pick-up, there are no refs--only facilitators. You’ll still call your own fouls and shoot for ball if there’s a disagreement. Each game is 10 minutes or first team to score 21 points by 2s and 3s. If the score is close in the last minute of the game, the facilitator will call out a shot clock time to prevent teams from stalling. The winning team stays and the losing team sits.

Hoop Club prides itself on offering sessions that match the level of competition you’re looking for. If you’re someone who’s just looking for exercise, socializing, and an overall good time, the intermediate sessions might be a best fit. But if you’re wanting a more advanced level of play with games full of highly skilled players, our competitive sessions are the right way to go.

Hoop Club was started in October 2017 because it is just too hard to find good pickup basketball in Dallas (or anywhere else for that matter). We have been playing in rec centers and churches all around the city and are on working hard to be available in a city near you.

Our job is to provide you with the best pick-up experience you will ever have. And we promise to do just that. Come out and join us!

YOU got next.

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