Hoop Club

Organized Indoor PickUp Basketball - $10.00 | 2 Hours | 15 PLAYERS

how it works

  • 2 hours, 15 players max

  • 10 minute games or first to 11 (running clock)

  • Facilitator keeps score

  • Call your own fouls

  • Winning team stays

  • Shoot for ball if there’s a disagreement

  • Facilitator will make a trade if a team wins 3 games in a row

Our job is to get the players as many games in as possible.

Come out and join us.

YOU got next.

About us

I started Hoop Club in October 2017 because it was just too hard to find good pick-up basketball in Dallas, TX.

Big Box Gyms have expensive memberships. I just wanted to play basketball.

Whenever I did find a good place to play, I’d have to wait so long between games. I don’t have time for that.

Sometimes, players are way too good. Sometimes, players don’t know how to dribble.

That’s why I started Hoop Club - to solve all of these problems with one solution.