Hoop Club

Organized Indoor PickUp Basketball - $10.00 | 2 Hours | 15 PLAYERS

+ What is "organized pick-up basketball?"

Organized pick-up basketball means that teams are formed by a facilitator, score and clock are kept by the facilitator. There is no arguing or fighting. The max time you sit out is 1 game. It's pick-up basketball, just a little more organized than a typical game at 24 Hour, LA Fitness, etc.

+ Where does Hoop Club play at?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we play at Fretz Rec Center from 7-9 PM On Wednesdays, we play at Churchill Rec Center from 7-9 PM On Saturdays, we play at JCC of Dallas at 10 AM and 12 PM

+ How often does Hoop Club play?

4 times a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday As we grow, we would like to offer session(s) each day of the week!

+ How do I reserve my spot?

By going to www.hoopclub.org/reserve and clicking "Book" by the session(s) you want to play. Look out for the promocodes. Please note that RSVPing to our Meetup DOES NOT equal "signing up" or reserving your spot.

+ Do I have to sign up for all sessions?

No. What separates Hoop Club from a league, is that you can sign up for 1 session a week or all 4 sessions.

+ What is the cost of a session?

It is $10 a person. Look out for promocodes on the website! Also, if you refer someone to Hoop Club, you get a free session. If you put one of our flyers somewhere, take a picture, and receive a $5 promocode

+ Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately, no. We only take Debit or Credit card via our website. This way we can track the number of sign ups.

+ What are the levels of play?

Intermediate - you understand the general rules of basketball and are out on the court to have fun and compete. You feel comfortable in any pick up game situation. You can't dunk. Advanced - pro athlete whether it's basketball or another sport. if you played college basketball, this is where you belong. As we grow our pool of players, we'll be able to separate out into more levels to make sure we provide fun and competitive games.

+ Is HoopClub co-ed?

Yes! As we grow our pool of players, we would like to offer men only and women only sessions

+ What is the age group?

Typically 18-35 young working professionals

+ How do you decide the teams?

After warming up, we meet in the center circle of the court. If less than 15 people sign up, we match up with someone around the same size and play one round of rock paper scissors. Whoever wins is on one team. Whoever loses is on the other team. If 15 people sign up, we try to divide into 3 even teams by size and skill level. The first 10 to arrive to the gym get to play first.

+ What are the rules?

10 minute games or first to 11 (1's and 2's). Next point wins if score is tied. Call your own fouls.

+ What does the Facilitator do?

They help organize the session by checking people in, forming the teams, running the clock, and keeping score.

+ What happens if I'm on the waitlist?

You will be notified if someone cancels their reservation. Then, and only then, should you come to the gym.

+ What happens if we don't get at least 10 players?

If we don't get to run full 5v5, you will receive a refund. If people still want to play 4v4 or 3v3 they are more than welcome to.

+ What is the latest time I can sign up for a session?

A minute before the session starts. However, it is advised to sign up at least 1-2 days in advance to take advantage of the promocodes!

+ Where can we review our experience at Hoop Club?

You can review us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoopcluborg/ You can review us on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/hoop-club-dallas We appreciate all of the feedback and the 5 star reviews!