Hoop Club

Organized Indoor PickUp Basketball - $10.00 | 2 Hours | 15 PLAYERS

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Organized pickup basketball. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

Not really. At Hoop Club we organize pickup basketball games, so all you have to focus on is playing.

No arguments, no attitudes, no waiting hours to play.

How does that work?

Visit our sign-up page, pick the session you want to play in, and book your spot.

Show up to the gym and our facilitator will check you in and create the teams.

We cap each session at 15 players so you never wait more than 1 game to play.

Our facilitators create 3 balanced teams, keep score and clock, and diminish arguments.

However, they won’t ref the games. You’ll still call your own fouls and shoot for ball if there’s a disagreement.

Each game is 10 minutes or first to 11 points. The winning team stays and the losing team sits until next game.

Hoop Club was started in October 2017 because it was just too hard to find good pickup basketball in Dallas.

We have been playing in rec centers and churches all around Dallas each day of the week except Friday.

We have a great core group of players who are very welcoming to new members.

We are continuing to expand, and we’re so excited to have our first session in Houston in March!

Our job is to get you as many games in as possible. Come out and join us!

YOU got next.